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Year 1: Central St. Martins

Dinosaur Investigations  

We had a trip to the Natural History Museum to see the terrifying dinosaurs. We found a magic clock, from Andy's Dinosaur's Adventure, that took use back in time to millions of years ago to when dinosaurs stalked the earth.

Picture 1

We also became palaeontologist for the day and learnt about Sophie the Stegosaurus who was the most complete fossil skeleton in the world.


We found amazing dinosaurs fossils all around the museum. Some of our favourite  dinosaurs were the huge Triceratops skull. We also ran into a very scary moving Tyrannosaurs Rex but we were all very brave. We also saw the skeleton of a huge Blue Whale and we amazed at how big the head was. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We are Central St. Martins

Our class is called Central st Martins. In the first week of term we learnt all about our building. We remembered that we had been to the fountain in the summer where we had lots of fun. Inside this amazing  building there is a university where adults can learn about lots of different art forms. We decided to become fashion designers, like those in Central st Martins, for the day. We each had a go at cutting out our favourite coloured mask and decorating it in a variety of different ways. Just like us ,all of our mask are unique and special. 

The National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery 1
The National Portrait Gallery 2
The National Portrait Gallery 3
The National Portrait Gallery 4
Last week we went on a class trip to the National Portrait Gallery. In Art we have been learning about what a portrait is and how to create one ourselves. We took the tube all the way to Leicester Square and then walked from there to the museum. We loved the enormous paintings and were shocked that someone had painted them and not taken a picture of it. We walked around the gallery and had a look at the different portraits we could see. There were lots of different portraits of the royal families. Some of us had a go at acting out the different portraits, showing the rest of the class what we could see in the picture. We loved dressing up in the different costumes and feeling the lovely materials used to make them. To finish with we had a go at sketching our own family portrait using lots of different colours.