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Friday January 8th 2021

Good Morning, Year 3! 


I loved seeing and hearing from you today. It was nice to catch up and share a little bit about what we have been doing. I went into our classroom today to have our Zoom meeting and pick up a few books for us and set aside Roman vases, helmets, swords and a massive shield! Hopefully when we return to school you can take a look and maybe even have a play with them. 


Our Star of the Week is WANNA! Wanna has been working very hard this week and started right away. His handwriting has been neat and he's impressed me so much. You are setting a great example and I hope you keep up the fabulous work! 





Today's Timetable is:

  • Reading
  • English
  • Maths


I'm looking forward to seeing your Learning Jobs!


Reading Learning Job

English Learning Job

Maths Learning Job

PSHCE Learning Job

Here is a story about worries. We have spoken a lot about worries and ways that we can share our worries. Follow along with Jon Burgerman and then move on to your PSHCE Learning Job.

You have completed today's Learning Jobs! Now, dance and enjoy your weekend!