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Half-term Revision

Happy half-term Year 6!


If you're looking to do a bit of learning and revision this coming week, have a look at some of the things I've attached below. There's things to support your punctuation, grammar, spelling and maths. There's also the links to your Mathletics and PurpleMash below. Don't forget to try some of the fitness exercises we learned in P.E. over the past few weeks and build up your stamina. 


Finally, we didn't get a chance to read the final chapter of Kensuke's Kingdom, so I've included a link to a video that will read out the final chapter. Hope you enjoy it and I'll see you all the week after. 


Best Wishes,


For Punctuation and Grammar, you can read through the information sheets below to refresh your memory. It would also be a good idea to:

  • See if you can spot them in your reading books.
  • Have a go at writing sentences that use them.
  • Have a go at concisely explaining what they are to someone else.
  • Have a go at explaining how they are different (For example, what is the difference between a verb and a noun?) 



Have a look at all the spellings we have covered so far. How well do you know them? Are they words you would be able to use in your speaking vocabulary as well as your written work? It would be a good idea to:

  • Write each word on a piece of paper and its definition on another; play a mix and match game with them.
  • Write a short, silly story using 4-5 of them.
  • Check online how to pronounce them correctly then say them in a sentence.
  • See if you can spot any in your reading books.

Autumn 1 Spellings

In Year 6, it is very important to make sure you have memorized your number facts. You need to make sure that you:

  • Know your number bonds to 10 and 20 by heart (no counting on fingers!).
  • Know your square and cube numbers. 
  • Know your times tables.

It would be a good idea to:

  • Check to see if you can say the matching bond number when someone tests you (Within 2 seconds!).
  • Say the times tables answer within 3-4 seconds when someone tests you.
  • Memorise your times tables division facts.
  • Memorise your square numbers and know some of your cube numbers.