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Monday 6th July

                      Happy Science Week Year 5! 

Super Science Week

Hello Year 5! Watch Megan's Science investigation video below, have a go yourself and then choose from the following activities below: 


1. Create a video of your own showing how you conducted this investigation! Make sure you explain what you did differently or what was similar.


2. Write an explanation about how Megan kept her test fair. Then, think about how you would make the it fairer and then conduct the investigation yourself. Write an explanation about how you did this.


3. Can you conduct the investigation with more accurate measurements and timings? Grab a ruler, measure each paper carefully and time how long they are in the water. Then, write a report about your investigation.  


Also, don't forget about the Science Selfies, send those to me through email and I will make sure Megan gets them! :)


Best wishes,


Magic Water Lilies