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Thursday 21st May

Hello Year 5! 

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been working hard and completing their online work. We also wish to thank those who are still continuing their education at home even if they are having some difficulty accessing the online work. You've all been fantastic and I can see that you are doing your best in these tough circumstances. So, if your parents have not read this, please tell them that everyone in the Year 5 team would like to say a big thank you for their efforts.


Just a couple of reminders from here:

  • Half term is next week, but remember that there are extension activities available on our website if you are looking for something great to do.
  • If your parents would like to share their mobile number so that you can chat with your friends, then they can still email me anytime (even during the half-term) to confirm this and I can get that sorted quickly.
  • Shanu and I will continue to try and call everyone about once a week. This is mainly to say hi, answer any questions you may have and have a short, friendly chat with you.  


Keep safe Year 5!


Best wishes,


Today's work...

Today's work... 1
Today's work... 2

Music Lesson

Remember when Francesca came to our school to perform with other musicians from the Royal Academy? Listen to her performance of a classical piece and create a piece of art inspired by the music. What does it make you think of? Remember to send in your artwork to your class teacher and I can send it to Francesca!