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Thursday 23rd April

Good morning the wonderful year 3!


It has been excellent receiving all your letters for each other from yesterday, I haven't sent them to you yet so that everyone has time to send them in. If you haven't yet then you still have time :)


I've also really enjoyed having a chat with you on the phone and catching up, I cannot tell you how much I miss each of you!


Keep all the great work coming in and have a go at the yoga for today, I will post a picture of me doing it later if you want to as well.



Love, Rebecca :)


Reading with Allison

Listen to the story. Can you make your own puppets and put on a puppet show of the story? What would the bugs say to each other? How do they solve their problem at the end of the story?

Music Lesson

Watch the video and think about what you like, notice and wonder. What kind of instruments are they using at home? What could you use to play/dance along?

Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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