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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning the lovely year 3!

I hope you are feeling great today and ready for your daily tasks.

Today we are going to begin our work in the rain forest, starting with rainforest animals.


After you have completed the Maths and Writing tasks, the reading will be slightly different today :)


You will need to watch this video

Next, do the fact sheet below BEFORE you start the reading task, it will really help you.


Thank you to all the children I got to speak to on the phone yesterday, it was so wonderful to hear your voices and all that you have been up to.


If I couldn't reach you yesterday and you are on the Monday group of my call list then I will be trying again today. The call list is on the main part of the Year 3 section.


Keep all the great work coming in and check back at 12.00 for your joke and puzzle!


Love, Rebecca :)


Music Lesson

Watch this video and think about what you like, notice and wonder. How does the song make you feel? It makes me feel inspired! Can you sing along?

Reading with Allison

Read the story with me.
Can you retell the story in your own words? What happened first, next, after that, finally?
Can you draw a picture of each part of the story to go with your sentences?