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Tuesday 24th March

Good morning year 4, Please attach all work into an email at once all the work is completed. You can take a picture of the written work or complete it in word and then attach it to the email. I look forward to reading all of your work. :)       - Laura 

The Girl who Walked on Air - Chapter 16

We only reached half way of our class read 'The Girl who Walked on Air'. We can't leave it at a cliff hanger! So I will record and upload each chapter during the week. Have a listen and enjoy during your learning breaks or just before you go to sleep. :)

Maths: Video teaching: Year 4 Addition using the Column Method

Year 4 Addition using the Column Method

Video for writing: Taking Flight

Video for writing task - Watch the part where they go into space

Science: Evaporation video

Fitness video: Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Patterns made of shapes, patterns made of grapes. Patterns in the air, patterns everywhere. Patterns in an app, patterns in this sing and dance alon...

How do drums make sound?

Music Lesson Video

Motivational song of the day: Sesame Street: Bruno Mars: Don't Give Up

Bruno Mars sings about not giving up! If you're watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please j...