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Our first Year 6 visitor:
Carly - Stage Manager

Carly talks about the theatre

Year 6 Careers Conferencing

Thursday 3rd October 2019


Today, we welcomed Carly into Year 6, who talked about her job as a Stage Manager.


We learnt a lot about what it means to work behind the scenes, not only at a theatre in London but all around the world.


We found out that a stage manager has to be well organised, calm, kind and caring. Carly told us that a lot of her work happens at night and even sometimes abroad in different countries (including Russia, Germany, Italy and the USA). 


Carly also works with other colleagues who have roles such as: 

- costume designer

- set designer

- lighting engineer

- sound technician

- music director


It was amazing to hear about her experiences in theatre. Lots of us were inspired!


Thank you Carly! :) 

Our second Year 6 visitor:
Suli Breaks - Spoken word poet and YouTuber

click here for his website

Suli's YouTube channel

Suli Breaks talks to Year 6

Year 6 Careers Conferencing

Tuesday 8th October 2019


We were all captivated by Suli Breaks' experience as a spoken word poet and YouTuber.


Suli explained that he'd been a YouTuber since 2009 which was when some of our Year 6 children were born!


He told us that in order to be a YouTube star there were important things to remember:

- be safe and get permission from a parent or carer first

- have a camera

- focus on a particular skill or something you're passionate about (purpose)

- build an audience and gain subscribers

- be consistent (with regular updates to your channel)

- build a brand

- have fun 


Thanks Suli!