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Wednesday 27th 2021

Hello Year 3, 


Today we will be researching Hadrian's Wall! Before we started our topic, many of you wrote that you wanted to learn more about it.



  • Reading
  • English-History
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Story
  • PE wit Joe


Have you been keeping up with your Morning Affirmations? They are there to help keep us feeling positive, important and hardworking. Remind yourselves- you improving every single day, you are improving in every single way!


What about CBBC Newsround? 

It's important to keep ourselves connected to what's happening around us.


Both links are here. Click on the image. 






Reading Learning Job- Independent Reading and Reflection. There are 3 audio choices if you don't have a book or you would like to relax and listen.

English-History Learning Job- Become a historian and research Hadrian's Wall! There are lots of links for you to explore on the task sheet.

Maths Learning Job- How to make a fraction whole! Watch the lesson below before you move onto your task. I will talk you through a few examples.

Maths Making a Whole

Science Learning Job- How will you keep your bones and muscular system strong and healthy? Learn all about NHS's Eatwell Plate, nutrients and balanced diets. The main link is below. There are two others to help you on the task sheet.

What is The Eatwell Guide?

Story Time with JADE-- Billionaire Boy Chapter Three: Who's the Fattiest?

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 27th Jan