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We teach English through the Power of Reading programme created by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. Our children are immersed in the worlds of high quality texts and inspired by the characters and adventures that they find within them. Here at Edith Neville, we have seen this immersive approach transform the way children feel about writing.


Our children engage with high quality picture books, novels, poetry and non-fiction through a wide range of teaching methods. We love to explore texts through music, art, drama, discussion and role-play which bring carefully chosen and wonderfully exciting stories to life. As much as possible, we participate in trips that stimulate our ideas for writing. Year Six recently went to watch War Horse as part of a writing project with the National Theatre!


In addition to inspiring texts, we use ‘Penpals for Handwriting’ to build confident young writers who have the skills to communicate their fantastic ideas quickly and clearly on paper. Grammar is also a strong focus and we make sure that our grammar lessons provide the building blocks for writing exceptional sentences.


We believe that communicating our wonderful ideas on paper is an extremely valuable skill, so we spend as much time jotting, noting and writing as we possibly can.


Our learning expectations are shared below. The majority of our children will be working at expectations for their corresponding year group.