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Our Curriculum


At Edith Neville Primary School we aim to provide children with an inspiring curriculum based on knowledge and skills that will support them to progress in the next stages of their lives, and become citizens who actively contribute to their communities.


We believe that our curriculum helps pupils make sense of the world in which they live, and allows them to think of solutions to problems they currently face. Our school values are embedded across our curriculum, enabling pupils to think critically about their contribution to the world and to develop an awareness of the impact their own actions can have on others. 


The six themes children are exposed to across all year groups are:

  • Wellbeing
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Being a local citizen
  • Being a global citizen
  • Looking after the environment
  • Aspirations


These six overarching themes are explored through all areas of the curriculum and actively seek opportunities to not only develop our children’s understanding of global issues and the wider world, but to enthuse, encourage and empower them to take action.


We recognise the importance of providing real life experiences and actively create a wide range of opportunities for children to discover what could become lifelong passions, interests and talents. Through our developed partnerships with a diverse range of organisations, as well as informative and exciting school trips and workshops both in and outside of school, our school provides a rich, meaningful curriculum. This allows our children to develop the confidence and awareness to connect with the opportunities and experiences in their locality and throughout London, enabling them to become contributors and influencers of their environment.


Teaching our children to be effective communicators is at the heart of all of our lessons. We integrate key oracy skills across the curriculum through well planned discussions, debates, roleplay, enquiry and dialogue, to build confidence in our children to become persuasive speakers, critical listeners and analytic thinkers.


We are a school that celebrates our diversity. Our children learn and develop the skills and understanding of being empathetic and respectful towards everyone. Every effort is made to ensure our curriculum is accessible to all learners in our school.

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