Edith Neville

Primary School

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Edith Neville children enjoy a wide range of sporting events and activities within school, after school and within the wider community. We offer daily sports clubs and take part in tournaments throughout the year. We believe a healthy body is vital to the development of healthy attitudes, teamwork, friendly competition and healthy minds.


All children from Year One to Year Six enjoy weekly sports lessons as well as swimming lessons at our local pool. In the summer term, our Nursery and Reception classes go swimming too and our Family Centre runs swimming sessions throughout the year. We know that the earlier children are exposed to water and learn this life-saving skill, the safer and healthier they will be as adults. We are delighted that we are able to offer this to our children and take real pride in their progress and enjoyment.


Sports Day is an important day for us at Edith Neville and all adults, children and families are involved. Our school values shine through our sports activities and positively encourage children to share, respect, support, trust and work together.