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Children at Edith Neville may be small, but they have big ideas! This is especially true in our science lessons where we encourage curiosity and creativity. Science at Edith Neville means active teaching and learning, where children ask questions and create hypotheses to investigate. Children have the opportunity to participate in many trips to support their scientific understanding. We are lucky to be in central London and so close to Hampstead Heath where children can classify a mollusc or an annelid, visit The Science Museum with its exceptional array of activities, plus gaze upwards at The Royal Observatory where they can discover our skies and beyond. Science lessons are designed to motivate children and encourage curiosity, perseverance, independence, collaboration and a balance of both Scientific skills and knowledge. The Francis Crick is just around the corner from us and our children often enjoy a day or afternoon in their laboratory.


At Edith Neville, you will find enthusiastic young scientists engaged in creative scientific tasks.

Have a look at all the wonderful things we do in Science at Edith Neville

At The Francis Crick with London Mayor Sadiq Khan