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We think Maths is magnificent! Mathematical teaching and learning at Edith Neville reflects the fact that maths happens all around us in real life. We all want to become expert mathematicians because we all need to be. Maths lessons are underpinned by a mastery approach which means knowing ‘why’ as well as knowing ‘that’ and knowing ‘how’. Every day, children participate in maths activities that promote fluency, reasoning, investigation and problem solving. We learn most when we learn through investigative processes, problem solving using concrete and pictorial strategies to help us. Maths learning spans the whole school curriculum so our children can be found unravelling the mystery of the Mayan number system, a History topic, or even calculating the cost of a journey to the Rainforest.


Families are invited in to school every term to learn how to support their children in Maths. If parents love numbers, children will love numbers too. We ask families to play mathematical games with their children every week so that children can become confident mathematicians as young as possible. We make sure that we provide children and families with games and resources each term, so that children have plenty of opportunities to practice their skills.

Family Maths

Our learning expectations are shared below. The majority of our children will be working at expectations for their corresponding year group.