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At Edith Neville, we are curious about the world we live in and how it is shaped by the past and human, economic and physical forces.


In History, children are provided with a thorough understanding of their local history, expanding this understanding into Britain and the wider world throughout the Key Stages. Our lessons aim to engage and motivate young learners using; role-play, storytelling, discussions, debates, individual and group research. Visitors and visits to museums and sites of historic significance are very important to us. Here in central London, we are extremely lucky to have easy access to exceptional resources, such as The British Museum, The Museum of London, The Imperial War Museum to name only a few. Our teachers prioritise taking children outside the classroom to deepen their historical knowledge and understanding of the past so children can expect to go on many trips and excursions during the year. 


In Geography, children investigate the local area and outside the local community, expanding to the physical and human features of the world throughout the Key Stages. We want to increase children’s knowledge and awareness of our changing world, so that they will want to look after the Earth and its resources and think about how it can be improved and sustained. Our lessons aim to motivate and inspire young learners using; fieldwork, map work, discussions, debates, individual and group research. We are delighted to be able to use our local resources throughout the year. You will often find Edith Neville children orienteering on Hampstead Heath, investigating interdependence in Camley Street, learning from University students about air pollution and much more. It is central to our values that our children develop respect for, and an interest in, people throughout the world regardless of culture, race and religion. Our teachers love to take children outside the classroom to widen their geographical knowledge and understanding of the world.