Edith Neville

Primary School

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We were inspected in June 2018 and the school remained Good. 


Some quotes from our report:


"Pupils are happy at school. They are very well behaved and eager to learn. They show enthusiasm when talking about the variety of things they learn at school. During one of my discussions with pupils, they beamed with pride while talking about how the girls’ football team won the local authority championships this year."


"They appreciate the content and the effective delivery of the well-planned curriculum. As one pupil commented: ‘The school makes me realise how good I am in subjects like history and geography.’"


"Pupils say they feel safe at school. They are confident that they have someone to talk to if they are worried or concerned. Pupils are adamant that bullying does not exist at school. Records show that school leaders deal rapidly and effectively with conflict or potential bullying situations, should they arise."


"Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ writing, including accuracy in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Pupils respond well, relishing the challenge they receive from their teachers. The most able pupils, including the most able disadvantaged pupils, are now producing writing of high quality. The vocabulary they use is ambitious and they take risks in writing sentences which are often complex and adventurous."


"In mathematics, teachers provide pupils with plenty of opportunities to practise and consolidate their understanding and skills. Pupils show strong arithmetic skills. They are able to reason mathematically, and are getting better at using the correct terminology when talking about how they work out calculations. Pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, are now making strong progress in mathematics over the key stage."


Please find below our most recent Ofsted report and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 

Ofsted School Inspection Reports